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The SEO templates add-on is the template engine for meta elements. It optimizes the most important metadata for products, categories, pages, and blog posts.

You do not need to enter metadata manually anymore. You just create a template that will be automatically applied to the selected entities.

Each template can be applied to a single entity (products, category, page) or the chosen ones.

With the SEO templates add-on you will get more SEO-friendly content and better indexing by search engines.

Key Features:

  • SEO templates for products, categories, pages, and blog posts.
  • Automatically assigned Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, and ALT text of the main image.
  • Ability to overwrite the old metadata.
  • Updating templates via cron on the server or maually in the admin panel.
  • Ability to select the metadata that will be overwritten.
  • Extensive list of variables used in a SEO template.
  • Ability to clone the templates.
  • SEO templates created by vendors.

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